Updates WARZONE-X: recent changes in the project

Updates: recent changes in the project

Hello, I haven’t published anything about my WARZONE-X project for a long time, I decided to discard the single-player campaign since I’m not a screenwriter and I have more experience in multiplayer games so transform the project into a Cyberpunk game with mixes of science fiction environments in first people with classic game modes like (DM) Deathmatch, (TDM) Team deathmatch, (CTF) Capture The Flag, (RS) Rush, I will add other game modes, the maps will be up to for 12 players simultaneously in a few hours the game will be available for early access on steam and will be on other similar platforms, WZ-X will not go out for now for Mac OSX and GNU Linux in the Microsoft store maybe if you take a version to Xbox One but I am learning how to do the conversions to UWP so when I have something clear I will publish it, it already has compatibility with control completely, the graphic quality is much more careful and high p You can see the changes in the images, all project sites will be updated. And finally I show you images of the new multiplayer map (CTF) I hope you like the change, but it was necessary.

WARZONE-X new multiplayer version Alpha 1.5C
WARZONE-X new multiplayer version Alpha 1.5C

Classic game modes:

– Deathmatch: Also known as DM or Deadly Combat, it is the typical all-against-all duel, each by his side. The objective is to have the largest number of frags (deaths made by the player) at the end of the time, or be the one that reaches the limit of frags established in the game. One of the best known modalities that are derived in this way is the one-on-one, also known as 1on1 or Duel.

– Teamdeathmatch:
Also known as TDM or Deadly Team Fight. Here, the rules of the game are the same as in Deathmatch, that is, the winner (this time, “team” instead of “player”) is the one who reaches the limit of frags established in the game, or one who, At the end of time, be the one with the most frags. There are 2 teams competing with each other to be the winner.

– Capture The Flag: Also known as CTF or Capture The Flag. Players compete in teams to take the flag of the rival team and take it to their own base, while defending theirs. Competitive teams must have a large share of teamwork. Teams must defend their base from rival attacks, while infiltrating the enemy base, taking their flag, and returning to their base. This requires the team to protect its bearer well from enemies in order to fulfill its objective.

– Domination: DOM, Teams compete to control several control points (these appear on the map as a giant X that changes shape and color according to the team that controls it) with the aim of adding points and winning the game. Standard maps contain three points. The points can be controlled either with the total occupation of the territory (physically occupying the space) or from a distance. Here, again, there are 2 teams competing for the same goal.

– Rush or Assault: A team, called an attacker must place explosive charges on two predetermined targets. When these are destroyed, the next phase is advanced where the same is done. The defending team must defend the objectives until the enemy points or “regeneration tickets” reach zero.